Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Red-Breasted Nuthatch

Grant Park seems to have been overtaken by the pecking birds: Sapsuckers, Flickers, Creepers, and Nuthatches. This particular one indulged my camera and I for quite awhile.

This sun feels good on
my tired old migrating bones

I wonder if the bugs on that tree
over there are more tasty?

Me and My Shadow

Defying Gravity

This looked easier when that Sapsucker
was doing it

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Back Little Warblers

I shouldn't be surprised. The human bird watchers figured out a while ago that Grant Park was a great spot for bird watching during the Spring and Fall Migrations. It was only a matter of time that the birds of prey figured out that Grant Park would be a good spot for watching for little birds as well.

This guy swooped by me on Tuesday morning. Sparrows, warblers, thrushes, and finches all headed for cover. He landed in a tree and, as his expression shows, caught sight of a potential mid-morning snack. He swooped away a few seconds later -- I didn't see if he caught his target or not. I do know that it was pretty quiet, bird-wise, in Grant Park after that.