Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eastern Towhee

We saw a pair of Eastern Towhees at both Northerly Island and The Magic Hedge last weekend. They create quite a fuss on the ground - leaves shuffling and flying up as they scratched and foraged for food.

Male Eastern Towhee

Female Eastern Towhee

Birdwatchers Tip
When first trying to identify birds, make sure you get pictures/views of all sides of the bird you are trying to identify. This helps when comparing what you've seen to books or the Internet.
It would help more if "Bird Books" included pictures of the side of the bird that I usually get.

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  1. A great idea to document and keep track of the birds you spot. Ironically, Wednesday morning, I went on a bird hike with an Ornithology hike at a local regional park.