Friday, September 11, 2009

Down by the Shore

A trio of shore birds spent Labor Day at Montrose Beach (along with the seagulls, volleyball players, and sunbathers)

This Sanderling looks big ...

... until you see it in perspective to a plastic cup. He's a small guy but large for sandpipers.

When it is sitting, the Least Sandpiper looks a lot like a Semipalmated Sandpiper ...
... but when it is up and about you can see the distinguishing greenish legs.
So happy to be back in Chicago, this little Semipalmated Plover ...
... broke into a high-kicking chorus line routine.


  1. I really like the reflection in the next to the last shot! These are all great pictures.

  2. Really enjoyed your shorebirds! I love shorebirds...especially Plovers & Killdeers.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments! We seem to be starting to get the migrating birds coming through. Which is fun but does mean that the cold weather is coming.