Saturday, November 6, 2010

Harelequin Ducks

Chicago has some interesting visitors. Some Harlequin Ducks are visiting the lakefront. Now, last year there was a single Harlequin Duck sighted at various lakefront locations. He must have enjoyed himself because this year he brought along two friends. I think these are immature ones, based on the description on the Cornell website so they don't have the interesting breeding colors but if they stay around long enough, perhaps we'll be treated to their winter costume.

What are you looking at?

Hey! I can see the Hancock Building if I stand up like this.

Getting your ducks lined up

Splash Fest!

Splish! Splash! He was taking a bath

Splash Fest! The Sequel!


  1. What a cute series of pictures! They must be fun to watch.

  2. Oh how I have missed your funny captions!