Friday, January 28, 2011

Cooper's Hawk

The watcher got watched! We went over to the Magic Hedge last Sunday. There had been a light snow and we were hoping to see any of our Winter Residents out and about.

I was a little un-nerved though to glance up and see this Cooper's Hawk sitting on a lower branch calmly watching me. He has a "young" look to him so perhaps he hasn't seen too many people tramping through the snow.

I got the feeling, from his expression here, that he somehow blamed US for the gust of wind that blew the new snow off the tree and onto him.


  1. That second shot is amazing! I like the look on his face.

  2. I'm with Lois--2nd shot is fabo!

  3. I LOVE them both.... what a great close up - and to get that wind gust with the snow .... what a bonus!