Monday, May 2, 2011

Black Throated Green Warbler

I find it very unusual to see a warbler flitting around the ground instead of high up in the trees. But this has been a very unusual migration season (has it really even started yet?). Anyway, this little Black Throated Green Warbler was flitting around the grass and low bushes in Grant Park on Monday. I got the impression that he was expecting temperatures higher than the mid 40s.

Hey! Down on the ground is less windy than up in the trees.

I REALLY thought it was time to migrate.
How could I be so off schedule?

Who are you and WHAT did you
do with the Spring Weather?

I know I packed my Migration Mittens. Where are they?

I may have to fly back south for awhile longer!


  1. Cute pictures, especially the ones where he is looking right at the camera!

  2. I couldn't believe how "un-flitty" he was. I think he had a rough flight in and was just chillin' in the grass.