Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nashville Warbler

I've only seen Nashville Warblers high up in trees. So I never really saw the little rufous cap that they have. I actually checked the photo in my Sibley's book because I wondered if, perhaps, this little guy had been injured on the top of his head. Not to worry, Nashville's do wear a little rufous cap.

Hey Camera Girl! Turn up the heat, please!

Like my profile?

Can you see my little red hat?

Maybe I'll just snuggle under this flower
with some Chai Tea until the weather warms up

I'm so outta here!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Black Throated Green Warbler

I find it very unusual to see a warbler flitting around the ground instead of high up in the trees. But this has been a very unusual migration season (has it really even started yet?). Anyway, this little Black Throated Green Warbler was flitting around the grass and low bushes in Grant Park on Monday. I got the impression that he was expecting temperatures higher than the mid 40s.

Hey! Down on the ground is less windy than up in the trees.

I REALLY thought it was time to migrate.
How could I be so off schedule?

Who are you and WHAT did you
do with the Spring Weather?

I know I packed my Migration Mittens. Where are they?

I may have to fly back south for awhile longer!