Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ruby Crested Kinglet

As we're new bird watchers we don't often know what we're seeing right away. It takes a lot of photographing and studying through binoculars to figure out the bird. On the plus side, though, once we've studied it so long we're pretty good at recognizing it again.

This was the case with the Ruby Crested Kinglet. We watched this little bird at the Magic Hedge for at least a half-hour as it flitted (oh these are quite the fast movers) around a little shrub and a small tree. Lots of pictures (many of empty branches as it had flitted away as I snapped the picture) helped us identify it.

Of course, then we started seeing the little Kinglet everywhere. And, we finally got to see it with its ruby crest raised.

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  1. So amazing -- I follow your Chicago Daily & now will check your beautiful bird blog as well! Lots of nice shots.