Saturday, May 9, 2009

White Crowned Sparrow

A few weeks ago we'd never seen a White Crowned Sparrow so seeing this one at the Magic Hedge was quite an event. Now, they seem to be all over the place - Magic Hedge, Erie Park, Grant Park. I guess they send a few trailblazers out first to check out the good spots before they all come through on their migration. We're just starting to see a few varieties of warblers, so in a week or two, they'll probably be "swarming" around here.

This White-Crowned Sparrow seems to say "Oh No! Caught by another Paparazzi. Better fluff up my feathers and make sure I look presentable." After preening on the branch, he hopped around the ground - making sure I got his best side.

I mentioned that the White Crowned Sparrows seem to be coming through Chicago in force now. There were quite a few in Grant Park yesterday and they seem to LOVE to eat dandelions.


  1. I have these at my feeders en masse right now. They've come for the past couple of years. And this year they are exceptionally lucky to have plentiful dandelions to eat...

  2. Hey! I saw this guy on my rooftop patio this morning. He didn't want the food from the feeder the other sparrows were eating. He wanted the finch food that was thrown all over the outdoor carpeting from the recent high winds that empited the finch sock.
    Took me forever to find out what it was online! Thanks soooo much for showing pictures.
    So he's migrating ay? How cool is that!